About Us

ColumbusThe Love of Life Blueprint© form was created by brother and sister duo Lawrence and Angelique Doctor. Lawrence worked in banking as a Commercial Loan Officer and after leaving banking became an entrepreneur. He has opened and managed several businesses, which include a Child Learning Center, Travel Agency and a Construction company. Angelique, who has experience in Telecom, Real Estate and Insurance (just to name a few of the industries), has worked in Customer Service and Administrative roles.

Angelique’s experience in Insurance demonstrated the importance and urgency of people preparing for life and death situations. She created an informal form and gave it to her brothers along with an expandable organizer for them to get their personal business documents in order. After that Lawrence thought if this helped our family it could surely help other people and families also! That was the beginning of their labor of love to form The Love of Life Blueprint© and Love of Life Concepts, LLC!

We have no doubt that those that get and use The Love of Life Blueprint© package will learn so much from the information on the form and be better prepared for life and their loved one’s future!!

Mission Statement

Many people have not had to directly face being that person responsible for a loved one during a health crisis, a death, or any number of tragedies that can happen. When these circumstances suddenly exist, it can be devastating emotionally and financially to someone! There are so many questions after life’s storms. What should I do? Who should I call? Where do I start? Then there are the questions you don’t know to ask.

The Love of Life Blueprint© will provide details that give people confidence and awareness to better plan and prepare for both life and death situations. We believe that no family should have to face these events with no guidance of what to do next.

The Mission of The Love of Life Blueprint© is to empower everyday people with invaluable information and direction to make it easy to organize your important business documents, information, wishes and instructions. Think of how much precious time and worry you will save your loved ones by having your Love of Life Blueprint© ready during an emergency. You will have a tremendous sense of security knowing that you have provided immeasurable footprints for the people you love.