The Love of Life Blueprint© Package is the Form (document) and The Footprints for Life and Beyond ™ organizer (folder). It’s a living form and guide of instructions on what information to leave your loved ones if something should happen to you. The folder is where you store those important documents.

The Love of Life Blueprint© form is easy to understand! It’s not complicated, hard or overwhelming to complete. It’s for people of many different backgrounds and financial circumstances. It’s simply following the guide writing what applies to you, putting the associated documents in the organizer (folder) and storing it in a safe place. It’s YOUR document and can be as simple or detailed as you wish! Therefore you are free to add as much information as needed to make your wishes known for your loved ones!

Why is Having Your Personal Information Together and Available Important?

Boy on LaptopWhen something unexpected happens to you or someone you love, whether that’s death or illness, someone is responsible for being in charge both to get things done and financially. If there is no insurance or no one knows about it, no money or assets available - your family is left confused! They will have to make a way financially to pay your bills and expenses, which can cause them financial hardship or financial devastation.

Who is The Love of Life Blueprint© Package for?

Couple dancingIt’s for people beginning adulthood. Newlyweds and long-term married couples. People who are single with children or single with no children. Life partners. People who are in the advanced part of their life. It’s for EVERYONE willing to plan and prepare for now and beyond!

If you presently don’t have a life insurance policy and don’t have much financially-that’s ok to start. There’s other personal information that is still important to be written down and available if something should happen to you. The LOLB form allows for you to always add information to it! Once you have insurance policies and/or other assets they can be added and stored with your current information. The Love of Life Blueprint© is for you!

If you have insurance policies and business information scattered in different locations and it’s not organized where the information can be found. The Love of Life Blueprint© is especially for you!

If you already have a Will or an Estate setup and think that’s all you need. The LOLB does not take the place of a Will or Legal setup, it’s in addition to what you have already! If your family is not aware or have details of where to find the Will or your Legal situation, the LOLB can help because it lets you document other important business and personal information that’s needed for you and your family. The Love of Life Blueprint© is for you!

Is Love of Life Blueprint A Financial Planner?

Happy CoupleNo. It’s not a financial planner because we don’t promote any specific financial or investment plans in the LOLB. However, there are financial definitions and resources available in the document to help you plan for you and your family’s success. We know that our website and LOLB package will provide good information for you to actively plan for a stable financial future!

Why Do You Call It A Living Form?

Kids on bikesThe Love of Life Blueprint© is a LIVING form because as life is lived you can go to the form add and cancel information as needed. People’s lives evolve and change from aging, marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren, financial gains and losses, etc. and so does the information that should be kept in your Love of Life Blueprint package!